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Feit Electric T10 E26 (Medium) LED Bulb Amber 40 Watt

Feit Electric T10 E26 (Medium) LED Bulb Amber 40 Watt

SKU: 3925120

Enjoy all the benefits of advanced LED energy-saving technology with the dimmable Feit Elewctric T10L/S/820/LED T10 4.5w LED Original Vintage Light Bulb. The amber whiote bulb features a unique flexible filament and produces a light output of 200 lumens uses 4.5 wattts of electricity, 89 percent less energy than an eqivalent incadescent bulb. Get instant on tyo full brightness with relatively cool running performance. The Original Vintage LED light bulbs have an average life of 15,000 hours / 13.7 years are RoHS compliant and are 100 percent merecury-free. Choose a dependable decorati8ve bulb for residential or commercial applications. 

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    30-day return policy with receipt 

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